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CONFIDENTIAL Disciplinary History Report

This form is for licensed Hawai’i attorneys only and may only be sought by the individual licensed attorney. Non-public disciplinary history is confidential per Hawai̔i Supreme Court Rule 2.22.

* Members of the public are only entitled to disclosure of public records of discipline and can find that on this page (2010 to present). For public discipline prior to 2010, public requests may be submitted to [email protected].

Disciplinary history reports are provided by the Disciplinary Board at no charge. To request your report, please fill in the information below.

Deliver Report to HSBA Registration Address (Select One):(Required)

Notice: Because your disciplinary history report contains both public and private information, the Disciplinary Board will only provide reports to the requesting lawyer at your electronic or postal address listed with the Hawai̔i State Bar.  If your bar registration information is incorrect, you must first contact HSBA to update your information.

Rights reserved: The Disciplinary Board reserves the right to independently verify the validity of any request by direct communication with the requesting lawyer, or requiring delivery of a signed request, prior to providing the requested report.

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