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Ethics Hotline Contact

This form is for licensed Hawai`i attorneys only. Attorneys should complete the form below to submit an informal inquiry online regarding their prospective individual conduct.

Do not use this form if (1) you are not a Hawai‘i licensed attorney, (2) your inquiry regards your present or past conduct, or (3) you seek to report the conduct of another attorney.  If the matter is urgent, or to follow up on your previously submitted inquiry, call 808-521-4591 to speak with an ODC lawyer.

Attorneys seeking Legal Opinions should refer to the ODC Procedures for Attorney Opinion Requests.

Please Note: Please review HCRR Rule 9 prior to using this form (see References, below).

Your inquiry will become a confidential record maintained in the ODC files and stored for at least seven (7) years.

Should you later disclose your inquiry (or the fact that you inquired with ODC about this) to any third party, or should this inquiry be raised by you as a defense in a disciplinary proceeding, the contents of this inquiry, and any notes made by ODC staff in connection with this Hot-Line call/e-form submission, may be disclosed, released or published, as the situation warrants.

For reference: Rules governing Hawai`i Attorney Conduct:

HRPC – Hawai`i Rules of Professional Conduct
RSCH – Rules of the Supreme Court of Hawai`i
DBR – Rules of the Disciplinary Board of the Hawai`i Supreme Court
HRGTA – Hawai`i Rules Governing Trust Accounting
HRAP – Hawai`i Rules of Apellate Procedure
HCRR – Hawai`i Court Records Rules

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